Lot of challenges associated with analyzing large volumes of data – specifically ingesting, integrating and analyzing disparate data. Data preparation and modeling are key components of the data journey, and our customers tell us that these activities often account for the majority of the time users spend working with data.

We’re investing in capabilities that reduce the time it takes for business analysts working with data to get insights.

A successful organization engages proper analytics solution. Whatever size your business is, Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics can always give you a strategic edge over the competition. DCC Services bores an ingenious league of experienced consultants and will facilitate you in the Analytics solution adoption process through implementation process of Analytics Tools.

What We Do

  • Analytics On Cloud
  • MIS Automation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • CFO 360 View, Financial Insights
  • Analytics Managed Services
  • Business Alert through Forensic Analytics

In the spotlight

DCC Services with their strong passionate team has started earning fame in the IT market. Learn more about how DCC Services is getting involved into digitalizing the world around.

  • Transforming CFO’s Office

    Financial Performance: Get the full picture across different data sources in seconds.See all of your data in a single view, from summary statements to account-level details. Click to drill down into specific regions or segments. Make decisions faster with real-time updates.

  • Transforming CMO’s Office

    Campaign Analytics: Turn marketing data into actionable insight with interactive dashboards that make results accessible.Analyze campaigns in real-time, Identify changes in customer trends and sentiment. Compare actual revenue, costs, and ROI for segments, campaigns, channels, and more.

  • Transforming Sales Operation

    Make data-driven decisions about the future based on past and present information. Gain insight into sales progress against forecasts. Easily analyze the performance of specific geographies or individual account owners. Managing sales Leads, sales team and converting sales faster enabling better market engagement. Overall sales performance by product, geography, sales account managers.

  • Operations Excellence

    Improve Production insight by combining data from production to distribution. Lead stand-up meetings on the factory floor with live dashboards. Optimize manufacturing performance, Easily identify areas for process improvement.