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Bringing Alexa into every dorm room

Sep 27, 2018

Artificial Intelligence in this present era is evolving like anything transforming business into a seamless transition. Natural language processing (NLP) is a part of the same that is solely concerned with the core interactions between machines and human. In short this technology is making machines talk alike humans. They are programmed with the required skills and the rest is fun. Voice services seem to be the latest upgraded version of AI technology.

Why spend time after unnecessary things, when we have technology with us to work and think for us? Make life hassle free allowing technology to speak for you. DCC Services while exploring voice services brought out this idea of helping our clients with something extraordinary. DCC Services along with N-powered, an edu tech organization went through enormous experiments and researches and was finally successful in making an ideal voice assistant.

DCC Services, with its expertise people is already in the news now. St. Louis University is happy to announce the success of Alexa among its students. By the beginning of this session the University is going to issue 2,300 voice-enabled devices to all of its students on campus who will come with preinstalled skills delivering answers to about 100 questions regarding the university, such as "What time does the library close tonight?" and "Where is the registrar's office?"

St. Louis University, SLU is the first University to launch Alexa as the voice assistant for the students’ on-campus. Other schools & universities like Northeastern University, The Georgia Institute of Technology and Arizona State University provided Echo Dots to some of their students during 2017-2018 academic year in order to check the benefits a student can have through such virtual personal assistants.

“I think it’s really innovative,” added Katlyn Martin, president of SLU’s Student Government Association. “By interacting with technology in a cool way, our students will have another resource to find things to do on campus, to meet other people and to take advantage of the holistic Jesuit education that Saint Louis University offers.”