Rethinking technology

The sole requirement of a customer is fast service delivery. Customers always remain keen to have their projects getting delivered in time. For having fast development leaders are thinking about structures scaling down the time taken usually for a specific work or service.

Microservice architecture plan – a technology that increases and emphasises the speed of the newly developed features. Every microsrvice must be assigned for doing any one thing. Splitting big tasks into small saving time and energy is much more maintainable; yet programming business and its logic seems to be easier. Microservices deals with decentralization, autonomy, and real-time computing. Microapps are single purpose small units which can make things easier and faster. Microservice architecture sometimes needs ERP and CRM. One needs to be very systematic to check the security in using microservice. This seems to be an amalgamation of technology splitting the feature into tiny pieces and shipping less code more often.

Benefits of using Microservice:

Isolation of responsibility – easy to build but needs proper maintenance

Fault isolation - can crash anytime but will restart automatically without causing a service outage

Fine grain scaling - each microservice implemented can scale rapidly and independently.

DevOps - DevOps and Microservices go hand-in-hand. They bore a reciprocal relationship. Delivering microservices as the main area of an architecture one requires the component production of DevOps – CI, agile, CD. Decoupled apps seem difficult to get delivered without DevOps. Reverse relationship process is implemented through DevOps in order to deliver faster services by decoupling apps into smaller elements. DevOps provides the facility to decouple application delivering faster functionality. DevOps and Microservices carry forward a strong affinity between each other. DevOps plays a vital role in ensuring developers and operations to communicate using agile and other collaborative way.

Cloud – Cloud storage is a very commonly used online storage platform. This seems to be very powerful and cost effective storage service. No more space related issues to be faced, now save your important data in the world of web through cloud. Cloud security is also maintained and checked providing its clients best services.