Signs You Really Need a CRM

Businesses typically begin with a basic relationship of seller-to-customer — simple. In such an early stage, it might be fine to just maintain an Excel spreadsheet or jot down notes about customers and incoming orders. But as your business grows, this sort of record-keeping simply can’t do what you need anymore. Here are some warning signs it’s time to trade in those old ways and start managing your customer relationships more effectively:

1. There’s no single source for information. Storing your customer and order info in more than one location, such as a spreadsheet or notes stuck to your computer, puts your sales team at a disadvantage. They lack a single view of every customer’s contact info, orders, and interactions.

2. There’s little or no visibility; Not only do you lack visibility into how your customers are connecting with employees; you also lack insight into what your salespeople are doing. This makes it difficult to help them be successful — and keep them accountable.

3. Reports are hard to share, generating reports and analytics of your sales team’s monthly progress against their quota would be ideal. But creating reports manually is cumbersome, often resulting in no tracking at all.

4. You don’t have a mobile solution, your sales reps are out in the field, meeting prospects and discovering valuable info. But all this new data gets stored on handwritten notes or in files on personal computers. Great meetings happen on the road, but the sales teams don’t always transfer their notes and important details get lost, especially if an employee leaves the company.

5. Resale/upsell opportunities are lost You don’t target prospects based on their value to the business. Rather, you are sending the same types of offers and messages to customers and prospects in very different stages of the buying process, as well as in different industries or geographies.

6. You lack a plan to scale fast, What if your business grew from 20 to 200 this year? Are you confident that your current processes will scale? If you know that you are going to grow, are you worried about keeping productivity up while scaling up? If any of these apply to you or your team, don’t despair. These are exactly the issues that a CRM system can address.

What We Do

  • CRM Strategy Consulting for your Organization
  • Implementation Service: Salesforce - Sales Cloud, Salesforce – Marketing Cloud, Salesforce – Service Cloud
  • Interface Development between Salesforce and Transaction System / ERP Systems
  • Custom Development Sales Functions on Salesforce Platform
  • Sales Intelligence & Sales Performance Analytics on Salesforce Platform
  • Salesforce Application and service management
  • Secondary and Tertiary sales management on Salesforce

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  • Transforming Sales Operations on Salesforce Sales Cloud

    Sales Planning, Sales Team’s schedule planning, Tracking of Sales Team on Field, Sales Meetings’ Report, Order enquiry, order status visibility and market feedback from Customers.

  • Visibility of Secondary & Tertiary Sales enabling Sales Planning

    Sales planning need to consider the visibility of the retail sales performance in case of Channel Sales.

  • Connecting Sales Channels for Product Launch, additional services, Promotional Schemes

    With the salesforce Apps Customers, Dealers, Distributors and other channel sales partners can be connected to update corporate about new business attractions.

  • Digital Marketing and Sales Initiative

    Corporate Sales and Marketing team can connect with potential and existing customers through Mails, SMS, Chat Functions, Social Media connect to penetrate in the target market for generating better sales leads through better engagement.

  • Credit Management by enabling Sales Team & Dealers / Distributors with Salesforce Mobile Apps

    Tracking and managing Sales Invoices pending for payment, Payment due Alert, integrating Invoice reference with payment gateway on Salesforce Platform.

  • Seamless Integration with other Business Functions

    Business need to have end-to-end business integration for overall productivity of the business processes, consolidate business analytics is the need of the hour for faster decision making. Salesforce along with interface with ERP / Transaction systems connects market & customers with other business functions.