Top 10 Analytics Trends

Business intelligence is in its verge of bringing revolution. Day by day technology is improving instigating better services. With the rise of analytics, the data product chain became democratized. Keeping up the pace in the digital market is the real challenge.

1. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is chosen as one of the top 10 Analytics Trend in their 2018 Strategic Technology Trends report. Artificial intelligence (AI) deals with a science which seems to aim to order to make machines execute what is usually done by complex human intelligence.

2. The focus of the evolving analytics has shifted entirely from simply delivering data to crafting new data.

3. Saving and storing data along with working putting documents in cloud is getting easy day by day. The ubiquity of cloud seems interesting for anybody who remains up-to-date with the BI trends.

4. The Natural Language Processing Promise: Analytics owns a strange natural language of its own which makes processing easier than before.

5. Predictive yet Prescriptive Analytics Tools: The upgraded business analytics is more technology oriented focused on the future questions.

6. Data Quality Management: The latest analytics trend in data quality is growing immensely in the past year. DQM consist of acquiring the data, implementing advanced data processes, distributing the data effectively and managing oversight data.

7. Data Governance: As per the DGI (Data Governance Institute), data governance is “the exercise of decision-making and authority for data-related matters.” Briefly, it is the control maintained over any data entry which is made accordingly to particular standards.

8. Security: Security is no doubt one of the biggest business intelligence trends as per the news of the last few years.

9. Growing Importance of the CDO: This is another important BI trend for 2018. Every company has had a Chief Information Officer but a new position grew up as the CDO, or Chief Data Officer who are assigned for managing data only.

10. Embedded Business Intelligence: This is another important Business application.